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Liszt promotes the music by Pixis...
... The Vienna School of Albrechtsberger
Musicians and scholars tend to consider the single composer and not the music school, they come from.
      Certain teachers, like Padre Martini and Albrechtsberger, actually were the mentors of a few great composers in history of music and more than sometimes left a distinctive mark of their teaching on their best pupils.
      Albrechtsberger was an important composition teacher and his school (directly or through his manuals) created the musical shape of many famous composers, the most important of them Beethoven.

Liszt and Pixis and Liszt's tricks
Liszt adored Beethoven and promoted his music in all the ways possible. He also considered another pupil of Albrechtsberger, Johann Peter Pixis, as an interesting composer.
      So when developing the project of the Hexaméron extravaganza (1837) he chose Thalberg, Czerny, Chopin, Herz and Pixis as contributors to his music project...
      Not only...
      ... in 1837, while in Paris, Liszt organized a little trick during a concert: played a piano trio by Pixis at the beginning of the concert, but wrote on the programme that it was by Beethoven and played Beethoven's piano trio at the end of the concert and wrote on the programme that it was by Pixis... The audience applauded enthusiastically the first piece, which was by Pixis, but thinking that it was Beethoven,... and then got bored and dissatisfied with the second piece, which was by Beethoven, but thinking that it was Pixis...
      So Liszt proved once and for all that the whole thing was much more a matter of names than of quality of music... (!?)
      As a Vienna pupil of Albrechtsberger, Pixis soon befriended Beethoven, Schubert and Meyerbeer and his music style, even though rather personal, has a position oscillating from Beethoven/Hummel to Chopin.

Pixis rediscovered 2018
Thanks to a beautiful best seller CD release of January 2018 by Hyperion Records, both critics and buyers had the possibility to rediscover and appreciate the many qualities of Pixis's music and pianism.
      Hence we hope that other interesting piano works by Pixis may enjoy a new life through other quality recordings: i.e. the Grand Sonata for Oboe and Piano Op. 35, the Double Concerto for piano, violin and strings in F-sharp minor and others.
      Long live Albrechtsberger and his school!

J.P. Pixis, Piano Trios, Leonore Piano Trio, January 2018 (Trailer)

Pixis, Piano Trios Op. 75, Op. 95 & Concertant No. 1:

Leonore Piano Trio
Pixis - Piano Trios
S. & L.M. Jennarelli