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Ries & the Piano Concerto No.8, Op.151
Just few know that the role of J.P.Salomon was an important one in the history of music: not only he famously promoted the works and the music of J. Haydn through a series of Tours in England and various series of concerts in London, but he was responsible also for having created a strong professional connection between a, then, young musician, Beethoven, (1791-1792) and the great maestro J. Haydn.
     In fact, Salomon, Ries father (F.A.) and Ries son (F.) and Beethoven all belonged to the Bonn group.
     Salomon was the music teacher of Ries father (F.A.). Ries father (F.A.) was the music (violin) teacher of Beethoven and helped Beethoven, especially during his first years of service in Bonn.
     In the end, Salomon, thanks to his friendship with Haydn, managed to make Beethoven become the pupil of J. Haydn and sent him to Vienna and then Beethoven accepted Ries son (F.) as his assistant and pupil in music composition.
     Today Ries is more famous as a successful music performer of his era and for his anecdotes on the life of his teacher, Beethoven (1838).
     However, F. Ries' music, with its profound roots in Hummel's and Beethoven's musical style and pianism, really deserves more attention for its quality.
Ferdinand Ries, Piano Concerto No.8, Op.151 (1826):

Grüss an den Rhein or Salut au Rhin

 Allegro con moto
 Larghetto con moto
 Rondo: Allegro molto



Christopher Hinterhuber, Piano
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
Uwe Grodd
S. & L.M. Jennarelli