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Rare evidence of a very early collaboration Mozart-Schikaneder

Aria for Soprano Die neugeborne Ros’ entzueckt K. 365a (Anh.11a)
Orchestra: 2 hrn in A, vl1, vl2, vla, bassi
[pp. 194-196]

An interesting and important point of view on Mozart's pre-Vienna production and pre-1787 early manuscripts dispersion.

Discovery of a manuscript leaf with 30 bars of unknown soprano aria in Mozart’s hand in the attic of a house in the United States: property of people not particularly interested in antiquarian objects. Origin of the manuscript unclear. It contains a German Aria for Orchestra and Soprano. Facsimile of the manuscript available (p. 179). Apparently written in Munich in ca 1780 for E. Schikaneder for a German version of C. Gozzi’s Le due notti affannose. The aria was known from letters [ie. K. 365a (Anh.11a)], however the music is revealed in the manuscript in question for the first time. There is no trace of the recitative section. Transcription of the Aria at the end of the article (pp. 194-196). Detailed history of the commission and the first performance of this Aria (1 December 1780). Probably this manuscript leaf was property of E. Schikaneder.
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A Newly Discovered Autograph Source for Mozart's Aria K. 365a (Anh.11a)

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