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1789: Polish composer Tepper de Ferguson meets Haydn & admires Mozart.

On his arrival Tepper de Ferguson receives possibility of visiting the famous gardens and he receives also the tickets for the theatre, where in the evening he will be able to meet Haydn in person. Tepper de Ferguson recognizes Haydn immediately thanks to Haydn's many portraits. 
           Tepper de Ferguson and Haydn spend some time together during their meals in the evening and during the day, while visiting the gardens and while using a coach for the promenade.
            Haydn tells Tepper de Ferguson about himself and the musical environment in Vienna. But in particular Haydn made some important reference (already in 1789) about Mozart, as a universal genius and as a composer superior to Haydn himself and many others in Vienna. When back to Vienna Tepper de Ferguson tries to meet Mozart, but it is not possible, being Mozart away from Vienna. Tepper de Ferguson receives accounts from various people telling him that Mozart would regularly use the same words as Haydn, but towards Haydn, a composer Mozart considered as his own teacher in music and composition.
            In 1793 Tepper de Ferguson has the possibility of visiting Vienna a second time. Mozart was already dead, but there was, on those days of his stay, a restaging of The Magic Flute, Tepper de Ferguson knew only through various accounts. The impression left on him by Mozart’s last opera is great and magnificent. We have also similar accounts on the impressions of The Magic Flute written by other travellers who were in Vienna in the same period in 1793.
       Read the original accounts, originally published by Olga Baird in 2011, and the republished by Michael Lorenz in an updated version in 2017. 

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Haydn and Mozart in the Memoirs of Ludwig-Wilhelm Tepper de Ferguson

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