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Dittersdorf & his Symphonies Manuscripts in Poland
Ditters von Dittersdorf, the teacher of J.B. Vanhal and an early and life-long friend of J. Haydn, wrote ca. 120 symphonies from the 1760s to the 1790s.
     The importance of his symphonies, unfortunately still rather unknown and unperformed, is due to the fact that he developed his peculiar distinctive Classical Golden Style in music and orchestral writing, well before Haydn penned his Tempora mutantur.
     Of particular importance also the symphonies of Dittersdorf for their influence on Mozart's style development. Just few know, in fact, that the famous Jupiter Motto of Mozart's Symphony No. 41 was derived from the 1st movement of Dittersdorf's Ovid Symphony No. 2 and from a few symphonies by Haydn... and many other borrowings are to be found both in Mozart and in Haydn from Ditterdorf's works.
       The importance of the survey on Dittersdorf's manuscripts is also due to the fact that there's still hope in finding somewhere the missing symphonies of the Ovid Symphonies Series.
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The condition of the manuscripts of the symphonies of Dittersdorf in Poland

The article is in Polish with an Abstract in English. It has an important series of tables on the Dittersdorf's Symphonies Manuscripts in Poland with some Entries missing in RISM.

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