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Born just two years after Mozart, in 1758, in 1800 Nelson with Lady Hamilton had the occasion of visiting Esteráhzy personally and of listening to Haydn's famous Mass In Angustiis, then generally called Nelson Mass.

Enjoy these original Mozartian recipes!

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Pheasant & Mozart
Chicken or Fish... but, sure, à la Nelson!
The Fillets Nelson
1. Fillets Nelson (1819)
2. Fish Rolls à la Nelson (1819)
These two magnificent recipes were certainly created in Naples at the end of the 1790s in honour of Horatio Nelson and for his work in favour of the Neapolitan monarchy against the French Revolutionaries & Napoleon!
Ah, that Lady Hamilton! (Sigh)

A recipe originally conceived for the fillets of chicken, it can be used with any type of meat, and especially with fowl and fish.

chicken (4 fillets, beaten and worked so to be very very thin)
butter (fresh unsalted one)
pepper (crushed)
light veal stock
milk cream
bread (regular pieces toasted and fried in butter)
parsley (optional)
egg yolks (1 or 2 fresh; optional)
lemon (juice; optional)


1. Put the properly prepared fillets of chicken into a pan with a good piece of butter.

2. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg.

3. Then add light veal stock and milk cream. Let it simmer until the sauce is thick and ready. Adjust salt and pepper.

4. [Optional. Add 1 or 2 fresh egg yolks to the aforementioned sauce of stock and milk cream. When ready, add a bit of lemon juice and some parsley.]

5. Serve the fillets Nelson with regular pieces of bread toasted and fried in butter.

Battete molto sottilmente delli filetti [di pollo] divisi per lungo in più fettine; passateli dentro una cazzarola con un pezzo di butirro, condite con sale, pepe pesto, e noce moscata, bagnate con un poco di buon culì e fiore di latte; fate cuocere dolcemente, e consumare la salsa al suo punto, indi serviteli con una guarnizione di crostini di pane fritti all'intorno. Se questa salsa vorrete servirla con dentro un pizzico di petrosemolo imbianchito e trito, come pure se vorrete legarla con una liason di rossi d'uova, e sugo di limone, resta in vostro piacere la variazione.


This is the original 19th century recipe of the stuffed fish rolls and it has absolutely nothing to do with the modern recipe of the Filetto di spigola alla Nelson (i.e. sea bass or branzino à la Nelson), you can find in some restaurants in Naples today.

flathead grey mullet (4 fillets, beaten and worked so to be rather thin)

A- À la Nelson
butter (fresh unsalted one)
pepper (crushed)
light veal stock
milk cream
bread (regular pieces toasted and fried in butter)

B- Eggs Sauce
egg yolks (3 fresh)
light veal stock (it must be fresh and cold)
parsley (very finely chopped)
chervil (very finely chopped; optional)
estragon (very finely chopped; optional)
lemon (juice)
capers (3 or 5, well washed the salt away)
pickle/gherkin (cut in fine slices; optional)
pepper (crushed)

C- Stuffing Chenef
chicken (breast 200gr.)
butter (150gr. softened)
2 egg
bread (200gr. soft part softened in milk)
pepper (crushed)


1. Prepare the Stuffing Chenef in this way:
    Put in a blender the breast of chicken with the butter, 2 eggs, the bread softened in milk and then dried, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Work with the blender until you get a smooth cream of chicken, but not runny.

2. Now create the rolls of flathead grey mullet with the fillets, by using the Stuffing Chenef. The rolls must be skewered on some wood sticks, to cook them properly.

3. When the rolls are ready, cook them à la Nelson as seen in the previous recipe.

4. You must serve the fish rolls with an Eggs Sauce prepared in this way:
     a. beat the 3 egg yolks with some cold light veal stock;
     b. add parsley, estragon, chervil, pepper and salt. Adjust to taste;
     c. rapidly cook the sauce into a pan, just to make it thick;
     d. then add the lemon juice, the capers and the slices of pickle/gherkin.

5. Remove the skewers from the rolls and now you can serve the fish rolls à la Nelson.
Rulladine di Cefalo alla Nelson [i.e. ricetta precedente], [con] salsa di rossi d'uova alli capperi.