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Just few know that the real main character of the French Revolution, from the point of view of food and cooking, was: the Potato.

So for the newly freed French Republican Citizens there were many food proposals, advertised as the food for the real French Republican Citizen, proposals which were all based on a wide use of Potatoes (in order also to avoid the misuse and waste of the common flour).

And the Bread with potatoes was, in the end, the first and easiest way of publicly reducing the cases of hunger.

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The perfect recipe for an 18th century Revolution! Bread with Potatoes (1795)
The original recipe (1795 or Year III of the French Revolutionary Calendar)
This food is for free republican citizens only!

flour (300gr.)
potatoes (200gr.)
yeast (7.5gr. natural dried in powder)
sugar (a pinch)
(if you are rich enough or have a personal cow, you can use warm milk with water or instead of water, to work your bread dough)

1. Prepare the usual ingredients for bread and put them in a bowl: flour, yeast natural in powder, a pinch of sugar and salt. Check salt seasoning and adjust to taste (you can do this also afterwards while working the dough).

2. Cook the potatoes in salted boiling water (usually they take ca. 10 minutes after the first signs of boiling).

3. When the potatoes are ready, put them, still hot, in a bowl and accurately mash them. Check salt seasoning and adjust to taste.

4. Put the finely mashed potatoes in the same bowl with the flour and the other ingredients for the bread.

5. Work the dough, by adding water, until you get a smooth beautiful soft dough. It usually takes 15 minutes. Create a ball of dough, cover it in flour and leave it at the centre of the bowl. Then seal the bowl with tin foil.

6. Put the bowl with the dough into a warm oven. Important: it must be gently warm and not hot!

7. Leave the bowl with the dough in the oven for, at least, 3 hours.

8. After 3 hours, you can use the dough to create potatoes-bread rolls or a big potatoes-bread loaf, as you like it.

9. When you have created your bread shape, put the dough in a very hot oven. Usually, after 15-25 minutes, your French Revolutionary bread is ready, it depends on the type of shape of the bread.
Ceux qui font cuire peuvent mêler dans leur pain, moitié & même plus, de Pommes de terre: il suffit de les broyer encore chaudes avec un rouleau de bois, puis les bien mêler avec la pâte en les pétrissant ensemble.